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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ex-wife invited to Yusry-Lisa wedding

So Yusry KRU is set to wed actress Lisa Surihani on Feb 23.

But the biggest question that's buzzing on everyone's mind is perhaps: Is the talented Malaysian director inviting his ex-wife, actress Erra Fazira to the wedding?

Both camps are dogding the touchy feely subject. But Erra has already tweeted her congrats to her ex-hubby, saying: Congrats to @Yusry and @Lisa. Happy for you both. May you be blessed with a cute baby soon.
Yusry and Erra divorced in 2006 after three years of marriage.

A source close to the KRU family assures The Daily Chilli that Erra and Yusry are on talking terms. "Despite the nasty rumours that had been circulating around, it wasn't a nasty divorce for both of them," said the insider. "They're OK with each other."

When pressed for comments, Yusry's big bro, Norman Abd Halim said: "I don't know who will be invited. They (Yusry and Lisa) have not prepared the guest list."

He also declined to reveal the hantaran (bridal money and gifts) and cost of wedding, because "Yusry doesn't want to highlight those things." DailyChili


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