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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Baby not mine, says Iking's ex-husband

The former husband of TV presenter Daphne Iking said he has been excluded as being the biological father of her daughter in a DNA test. 

Chong Yiing Yih, 31, was testifying in the magistrate's court yesterday in a private prosecution he initiated against businessman Darren Choy Khin Ming for enticing Iking, knowing well that she was married.

During examination-in-chief by his counsel Wong Kien Keong, who is acting as the private prosecutor, Chong said there was a mention that the baby might not be his in emails he found between Iking and Choy.

He said he then took the baby to a clinic for a paternity test.
Chong said swabs of the child and himself were taken at the clinic and sent to Australia for a DNA test.

Asked what was the result, Chong said, "The test result said the alleged father, Chong Yiing Yih, is excluded as being the biological father of the child, Isobel Daniella Iking-Chong."

Choy, 44, allegedly committed the offence at a condominium in Taman Tun Dr Ismail between July 2007 and September 2008.

Iking and Chong were married in Bali, Indonesia, on Jan 27, 2007, but divorced last year.

Chong also told the court that he and Iking's blood group was "O", while Isobel's was "A".

He said he found the emails and Internet chats in Iking's computer.

He also said one of the chats aroused his suspicion when his ex-wife allegedly wrote to Choy on Aug 20, 2007, stating "she has your face shape, not mine, not Ryan's (referring to Chong)."

According to Chong, she was also alleged to have said "I want her to look like you, your intelligence" in the same chat.

Chong said his friend, Harold Tan, had helped him get a copy of an invoice from the Banyan Tree Bintan Resort in Indonesia that allegedly had the names of Choy and Iking for one room on April 13, 2008.

Choy's counsel, Datuk Jagjit Singh, said he would reserve cross-examining Chong for the time-being.

When Chong took the stand, he started by revealing an email that was allegedly sent to Iking by Choy on Sept 13, 2006, before he and Iking were married.

Jagjit objected, saying there was no relevance as the two were not married then.

But Chong's counsel, Wong, said he wanted to show that Choy had started enticing Iking even before she got married.

To this, Jagjit retorted: "There can be no enticement before marriage, I also could have tackled Daphne Iking before her marriage."

The second prosecution witness, Harold Tan, a 32-year-old treasury specialist, said Chong looked distraught and cried when talking to him about his suspicions on Aug 10, 2008.

Hearing before magistrate Engku Ahmad Rashdi Engku Abdillah continues on Monday. Read more: New Strait Times.  For Daphne Iking  Biodata visit : Wikipedia

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Celebrities bring out their Harleys for charity

KUALA LUMPUR: Erra Fazira and Dira Abu Zahar are among the celebrities who will ride their high-powered machines in the inaugural charity ride organised by the New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd tomorrow . 

The two screen sirens are also seasoned motorcyclists. They will join over 40 other riders in the convoy which will visit two orphanages in Malacca.

Erra will be accompanied by her husband Engku Emran Engku Zainal Abidin. Both Erra and Dira will be riding Harleys.

"We hope that by riding there, we can highlight that while a lot of us are lucky, there are others around us who still need a little bit of help," said Dira, 26, who has acted in a number of Malay television dramas, including Rona-Roni Makaroni and Arjuna, as well as the English drama Crossings.
"Being a mother myself, I know that children need not only shelter and food, but also attention. I hope that by spending some time with them, we can brighten up their day and inspire them," she added.

The convoy will take off from Balai Berita in Bangsar, and travel about 150km to deliver aid to Pusat Kanak-kanak Terencat Akal Taman Anggerik in Klebang Kecil, Malacca. Among the items they will bring with them include diapers, food, bed sheets, medicine and vitamins.

After delivering the aid, the convoy will then meet up with children from the Sri Ramakrishna Ashrama Home at Shah's Resort in Tanjung Kling, Malacca. Among the activities planned include rides for the children on the big bikes.

NSTP special projects senior manager A. Padmanathan said the trip was the first initiative under the NSTP Wheel Genies programme, which is a platform for bikers to help the less fortunate.

"We have a lot of big bikers who ride during the weekends. By tying up with them, we hope to use them to bring help to those who need it," he said.

The event is co-organised by NSTP with Rainbow of Life Force and is supported by BMW Motorrad Malaysia, KTM Malaysia, Next Bikes Sdn Bhd and Harley Davidson of Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Read more: NSTonline 

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Prema Yin aiming high

One of the artistes nominated for the upcoming Anugerah Industri Muzik 17 (AIM 17) is the pintsized rock darling, Prema Yin

"I didn't expect to be included at all!" said the girl in an exclusive with The Malay Mail. She exudes the same kind of energy she does on stage.

The kind you see in four-year-olds who just discovered playpen balls. All very cute and can sometimes be exhausting to watch, for older people.

"I mean, I just filled in the forms and later I found that the album was nominated." Prema's EP Eyo Eyo — a cutesy rock effort — is nominated for Best Engineered Album, while the song Eyo Eyo is nominated for Best Arrangement in a Song as well as Best Music Video. Prema herself is nominated for Best New Artiste.

However, Prema, despite being a relative newcomer, is no stranger to awards, having won third place for Best Rock Vocalist and Best Female Vocalist (Overall) in Voize Independent Music Awards (VIMA) 2009. Eyo Eyo also won Best Pop Song in VIMA 2010 and was nominated for Most Mind- Blowing Video Clip, amongst other things. She also won the ntv7 talent-search Who Will Win Malaysian Topstar in 2005.

"I am just so excited to be in the same awards show as many other industry legends," said Prema. She will be attending AIM 17, on May 2 at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) with her bandmates in MON9 (pronounced Monday Nine), which includes Isaac on guitars, Nish on keyboard, bass player Zaim and drummer Moe. "We're called MON9 because we practice every Monday at nine!"

It's this kind of enthusiasm, energy and realistic, down-to-earth attitude (no airs) that has launched the careers of a new wave of young Malaysian stars.

There's Aizat, who made waves after emerging from his Akademi Fantasia days to win the 24th Anugerah Juara Lagu recently with Pergi. Aizat's Hanya Kau Yang Mampu also set records when it was downloaded over a million times as ringtones, netting the young singer a bunch of cash.

Then, there's Zee Avi, the YouTube phenomenon who landed a contract in the States. Yuna and Najwa, meanwhile, showcased their talent in Malam Nada Biru, blowing audiences away. All these young acts made good use of new opportunities made possible online.

Prema's Eyo Eyo also made it to Germany, enjoying airplay on N-Joy, one of the country's biggest radio stations.

"Yes, I do believe that the Internet will play a big role in connecting with fans and marketing our work," said Prema. "It's just that now, I am more concerned with keeping things going. The band is new, and people might know Prema Yin but I want to promote my band more."

She is committed to her band MON9, which is in the midst of finishing their first single. In September, MON9 is also invited to play at the Kansai Music Festival (KMF) in Japan, proving once again that music does break down boundaries and borders.

Also, that Malaysians can certainly make waves internationally.

"We are still trying to find sponsors for our trip to KMF," said Prema. "I hope it all works out because it would be great to be able to play there."

Underneath all that cuteness and energy, is indeed a sound musician and artiste. Yes, and we will be watching, or listening, along with all the new wave of singers and musicians who are making Malaysia proud.

 Source : MalayMail

Friday, April 2, 2010

Carmen Soo Wai Mun - She's Soo beautiful


At the age of 17, Soo ventured into modeling and left Malaysia at the age of 20 for Hong Kong, to pursue her modeling career.

At 160 cm tall, her petite size is not conducive to catwalk modelling, hence most of her shoots tend to be print and television commercials.However, she has had quite a lot of success within that area, gracing many local magazine covers such as NewMan, V Mag, NewTide and NuYou. 

She also has been recruited as the spokesperson for international watch brand Longines, along with Malaysian theatre personality Paula Malai Ali.

Soo landed herself a minor acting role in a Jackie Chan movie entitled 'Gorgeous' alongside with Shu Qi and later on played the leading actress in Aaron Kwok's musical special.
Her latest appearance was a stage play entitled 'The Girl from Ipoh' and a Celcom advertisement with Singaporean singer, JJ Lin. 

She owns a boutique named 'Kushi' located in Bangsar. Her most recent acting role is in Trio & a Bed, where she is one of the three female leads, together with Amber Chia & Annabelle Kong. The show also stars three other male counterparts as their various and overlapping love interests - Daniel Tan, and Jeffery Chong.Soo currently resides in Petaling Jaya with her family.

Carmen is also a well-known model in Singapore,Hongkong and other Asian countries.She's into wakeboarding.

Carmen is also doing a soap with Philippine actor Jericho Rosales to be aired in the Philippines (ABS-CBN) and Malaysia. Carmen can speak fluent Malay, Mandarin cantonese and English.
Suspected to have caused the break-up of Jericho Rosales and Heart Evangelista, Carmen (Soo Wai Ming), declared for the ninth time on September 12, 2008, that she's innocent: "I'm not guilty. 

I learned about the break-up more than a month after it happened. If the rumor was true, we would probably be together by now. Jericho is a good friend and a good actor, but not a good tour guide." Carmen is Jericho Rosales' leading lady (with Cristine Reyes and Christopher de Leon) in the ABS-CBN teleserye Kahit Isang Saglit (in collaboration with Malaysia's Double Vision) which premiered, September 15, 2008.

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